A ranty, funny, dead-serious intersectional feminist blog.

No Man’s Land

A new feminist blog written by a man. He mentions those men who cry “misandry” when their power is threatened–those are the same guys in the online games Ernest Adams wrote about in his recent guest post who cry “White Knight” whenever a man steps up not to defend a woman, but to decry harassment. Joe will probably hear that sort of thing as well, but I think he’s more than equal to it.


The other day, while walking home from work, a man on the street made some unsolicited comments to a woman with whom I shared the sidewalk, comments that included, “Baby you look good! You got sexy feet!” The woman kept walking, paying the man no attention. Years ago, I would have thought that this was a harmless compliment, but the person I am now realized that this constituted harassment. Did I say anything to the man about it? No. Mostly I didn’t want to potentially start a fight with a stranger on the street. The point is, I did nothing.

That episode was not the motivating factor for starting this blog. I’ve been meaning to address what I perceived to be a scarcity of pro-feminist blog material written by men for a while now, and had intended to call my contribution “No Man’s Land”. I thought that both the literal reading…

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One response

  1. That’s my idea of a real man. Thanks for introducing me to Joe.

    August 17, 2012 at 4:42 am

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