A ranty, funny, dead-serious intersectional feminist blog.

Do you know people who deny that sexism exists or claim it’s not a problem? Do you know people who think feminism is outdated and unnecessary? Do you just want to read an article that reminds you that you’re not alone as a woman experiencing misogyny on a cultural scale? Read this.

One response

  1. Evisceratus

    Men make the rules sorry I guess even though I am not really. Is it wrong to be proud that your gender is in the lead for the battle of the sexes an interesting question I guess?

    Men have all the corporations, money, seats of office, lawbooks, etc nailed down in their favor. It’s gonna take some serious force to reverse that and men are not gonna help the process for obvious reasons.

    Do you have sort of plan to make this happen?

    February 22, 2013 at 5:44 am

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